H7 fog light can fit many different applications such as daytime running light, fog light, etc. Use for Car, RV, SUV, MPV, Trailer, Truck, Camper, Van, Motorcycle, Boat, Scooter and etc.

OBO fog light series of LED bulbs including H7, H4, H11, 9005, 5202 bulb, etc. Compared to the halogen bulb, this LED bulb with higher brightness, more practical, longer life.

This H7 fog light with a lens. It has 144 LEDs that OBOLED create a 360-degree viewing angle for better, all over light emission with reduced hot spots. Miniature Wedge base for easy plug and play installation these fog LED bulbs.

The H7 fog light operates within a wide 12-24V range. It’s designed in order to better use in your car light. Available in White, Yellow, Red, etc. All of our LED bulbs provide a 2-year warranty.

H7 Fog Light

OBOLED is the professional LED car bulb factory and focuses on the modification of the car LED bulb. We take the lead in using FPC as a circuit board for aviation aluminum parts. Make the LED car bulbs work in an excellent state, high brightness, beautiful appearance.

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